Healthy & Delicious Scones

Scones hold a unique charm, suitable for daily enjoyment or for marking special moments. Many are unaware of the versatile pairings scones can have, making them a heartfelt gift for any occasion.

Our enthusiasm for scones drives our desire to spread awareness and introduce others to the delightful scone experience.

Beginnings of CherylScones

Dan Ong & Cherylin, a dynamic duo in the realm of commercial photography, crossed paths on a set and found love in each other's presence.

Dan, after tasting Cherylin's exquisite handcrafted scones, recognized their irresistible appeal and strong market potential.

Motivated by this, they embarked on a joint venture, giving birth to "CherylScones."

Team Behind The Scene

Dan Ong & Cherylin and Chef Alvin

Teaming up with Chef Alvin, they've not only become renowned for their delectable scones but have also blazed a trail in offering nutritious vegetarian options at CherylScones!

Unique Flavors for Different Palates

CherylScones now has a retail storefront, boasting an extensive menu of over 36 distinct scone flavors that continually evolve with new, innovative creations.

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Did you Notice?

The brand logo is a homage to its origins, featuring a lady holding a scone, reminiscent of photographers holding up a camera, a tribute to the beginnings before crafting delightful scones at CherylScones.

Choose over 36 Flavors

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