Our Signature Blossom Scones

Most Popular Choice as Birthday Cake

Most Unique Birthday Cake on the Market

Our Scones Birthday Cakes are inarguably the most unique birthday cake on the market. Being made out of scones, it’s special, convenient to serve and delicious.

It’s also a healthier version, with reduced sugar baking method, also the creamy top is not made of whipped cream but luxurious delicious cream cheese. The fat content is relatively low, and a healthier version than regular cream cakes.

Did you know:Β  Cream cheese is pricier, tastier, healthier and holds the crown shape even better!Β  So you don’t have to worry your creamed crown melting during delivery!

The Perfect Birthday Cake

Cherylscones is dedicated to ensuring the quality of each scone we produce, which is why we’re a popular choice for innovating new creations, like our scone birthday cakes!

Each item is meticulously handcrafted and adorned, allowing you to elevate it further with our birthday cake accessories.

Each product is not only beautifully handcrafted and decorated, but you can also add an extra touch with our birthday cake accessories. Even if you can’t be there with your loved one, you can given them a pleasant surprise by choosing one of our delicious scone cakes and having it delivered straight to their doorstep.

More than Just Scones

We love to experiment with different flavours to discover the very best recipes in our pursuit of of the perfect product. Which is why we have one of the most exciting line-up of scones flavours in Singapore!

Amongst all, our Blossom Scones Birthday Cakes is one of the best selling ones for customers looking for ready designed birthday cakes options here in Singapore.Β 

Customers also often request us to specially customize our signature premiums scones such as Laksa Scones, Avocado & Pandan Scones or even our Mojito Scones into unique wreath shapes for special occasions or celebratory events.

We are committed to providing a most heartfelt memorable experience for your special day, so if you need help with customizing cakes for your occasion, contact us and leave the magic to us.

What Makes CherylScones the best?

We don’t compromise even by the tiniest when it comes to baking and serving the best scones. For us, it’s all about using the freshest premium ingredients, from the scones batter to the clotted creams, we ensures that our scones remains a healthy treat, not just suitable for customers who prefers vegetarian and vegan food, but also suitable for young childrens to indulge in daily.

Regular cakes are made in such a way that it’s unhealthy to indulge in everyday, however just like staple bread and biscuits, our scones and be eaten daily and is considered a staple. (Even Queen Elizabeth eats it for tea everyday!)

We often experiment our recipes at our bakery shopfront to make it better, we also play around with flavours regularly, hence if you would like to try out our new flavours, you can always hop by our bakery to say hi, you might just be in for a surprise!

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