Mini Croissants & Puff Pastries

Loved by kids and customers alike!

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The Lala Puffs (Mini Croissants) Story

I was prepaing this mini croissants in our shop for my own children, and shared with our little customers and they loved it so much!

So I excitedly shared photos of these tiny pastries with my sister to potentially feature them on our website for sale as well.

At that time, my nephew was merely 1 year old. As my sister showed him the pictures, he giggled and exclaimed, “la la la!” I knew we had stumbled upon the perfect name for these delightful mini croissants – “Lala Puffs”! It was a name that captured the essence of childhood delight and enthusiasm!

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New Year Favourite!
12 Pointed Stars for 12 Months of Goodness

Join us as we celebrate a year of goodness with our 12-Pointed SuperStar Artisan Puff Pastry.

Order now and let the flavors of the months ahead captivate your taste buds and leave you eagerly awaiting the next starry surprise. Here’s to a year of gastronomic wonder! 🌟

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