Blossom Series Afternoon Partea

Each set is served Scones of your choice + Dill Tea & Rose Petals Sandwiches

Customize your Afternoon ParTea

Don’t see your preferred set? Contact us to plan an elaborate afternoon tea experience.

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Fun Facts about Afternoon Partea

Did you know Afternoon Tea, High Tea and Cream Tea is different?

Cream Tea is such a much treasured British tradition and refers to a one course – Scones with Clotted Cream and a dollop of strawberry jam, accompanied by tea served in a teapot.

Afternoon Tea typically includes a delightful three-course spread of dainty sandwiches, followed by scones served with clotted cream and jam, and ending with sweet pastries like cakes or muffins. It's a light and simple meal served around 4 pm to keep you satisfied until dinner.

Royal tea is a pricier version of afternoon tea with additional of champagne.

High tea was a hearty evening meal for the working class, featuring meat dishes, potatoes, eggs, and more. Originally meant to nourish those returning from work, it was often referred to as 'tea' served on a formal dining table.

Despite the fanciness associated with hotels offering high tea to attract tourists, it was about providing a satisfying, wholesome experience rather than a luxury indulgence.