Butterscotch Oat Scones Wreath


The very essence of butterscotch is a gateway to cherished memories, and these scones encapsulate that sentiment flawlessly. Imagine the nostalgic aroma of buttery sweetness wafting through the air, transporting you to a time when life was simpler and flavors were pure.

Each bite of our Butterscotch Oat Scones is a tribute to this timeless memory. The delightful blend of butterscotch combined with the hearty goodness of oats creates a symphony of taste and texture. The scones are a delicate balance of sweet, buttery richness and the wholesome comfort of oats, making each mouthful a journey of delectable nostalgia.

Product Details:

  • Varieties: Boxes of 6 scones or our Petite Sconelet Wreath (10 pcs sconelets)

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Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.