Curry Potato Veggie Soups


Experience the perfect blend of flavors and nutrition with our Curry Potato Veggie Soup paired with Black Quinoa Rice. This family pack includes three servings of our hearty vegetable soup featuring an aromatic curry milk broth, providing a delightful and mildly spicy taste without the use of coconut milk. Infused with fresh vegetables, this soup elevates the savory notes, making it a local favorite. Additionally, our non-oily, veggie-loaded soup is perfect for a light and warm meal.

Key Features:

  • Mildly Spicy and Non-oily
  • Fresh Veggie-Loaded and Light Soup
  • Ideal Pairing with our Black Quinoa Rice, sprinkled with Dill Herb
  • Available to order 3.5 litre of Curry Potato Veggie without Rice

Product Details:

  • Pack Includes: 3 servings of Curry Potato Veggie Soup and Black Quinoa Rice
  • We also sell 3.8 litres of curry potato veggie soup without rice (serve 10-12 pax)
  • Spiciness Level: Mild Spicy


  • Fresh vegetables
  • Aromatic curry milk broth
  • Seasonings and spices
  • No coconut milk

Serving Suggestion:

For a satisfying meal, serve the Curry Potato Veggie Soup alongside our specially curated Black Quinoa Rice, garnished with dill herb. The combination of warm soup and perfectly cooked grains will provide a fulfilling dining experience.