English Lavender Blossom Scones


Crowned with a regal mantle of cream cheese.

In a delightful union of taste and aesthetics, our English Lavender scones are expertly joined together, forming a blossom-like arrangement. Gently pull them apart to reveal these dainty, queenly scones, delicate and irresistible.

As you savor these scones, you’ll experience the loveliness of aromatic lavender intermingling with the velvety richness of cream cheese—an exquisite symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds.

Product Highlights:

  • Scone Type: 6-inch Blossom Scones, comprising 5 sconelets expertly joined together for a unique presentation.
  • Serves: Perfect for 3 to 5 individuals.

To add a touch of personalized warmth, these scones can also be sent as a Birthday Cake. Simply provide your lovely message below and make someone’s day extraordinary.

Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.