Mojito Blossom Scones & Tea Sandwiches Set


The Mojito Blossom, despite being a non-alcoholic delight, encapsulates the essence of the beloved cocktail. It’s a perfect blend of sweetness, tanginess, and the herbaceous freshness of mint, harmoniously balanced with the zest of fresh lime juice.

Complementing this festive delight are our Garden Tea Sandwiches, miniature masterpieces in their own right. A true party favorite, these sandwiches are carefully crafted to embody the essence of English tea time. Each bite is a delightful dance of flavors, featuring refreshing cucumber dill tea sandwiches and the special French rose jam sandwiches. Their fillings, light and dainty, elevate the tea-time experience to a realm of pure delight.

Product Details:

  • One set of Mojito Blossom Scones (6-inch Blossom Scones, comprising 5 sconelets expertly joined together for a unique presentation)
  • 9 pieces of fresh cucumber dill tea sandwiches and 9 rose petal jam sandwiches, adding up to a total of 18 pieces.
  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal accompaniment to your choice of tea, creating a refined, flavorful experience.

To add a touch of personalized warmth, these scones can also be sent as a Birthday Cake. Simply provide your lovely message below and make someone’s day extraordinary.

Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.