Orange Lemon Scones


Whether you’re starting your day or taking a break in the afternoon, our Orange Lemon Scones are the ideal companion. The citrusy tang is a perfect pick-me-up that energizes and rejuvenates, making it a great addition to your morning or afternoon treats.

  • Flavor Explosion: The scones are infused with the perfect blend of tangy orange and zesty lemon, providing a delightful burst of citrus in every bite. The citrus flavors are bold and invigorating, bringing a touch of brightness to your day.
  • Texture and Taste: The scones are buttery and crumbly, just the way scones should be. The infusion of citrus adds a layer of complexity to the taste, creating a scone that’s not just rich but also wonderfully refreshing.

Product Details:

  • Varieties: Boxes of 6 scones or our Petite Sconelet Wreath (10 pcs)

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Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.