Rose Lady Blossom Scones & Tea Sandwiches Set


Delight in a quintessentially British tradition with our Rose Lady Blossom Scones and Tea Sandwiches – a perfect pairing for an elegant tea-time experience. Elevate your tea-time gatherings with the grace and charm of this exquisite pairing.

Tea Sandwiches, the epitome of bite-sized sophistication, bring a touch of grace to any gathering. These mini, triangular delights are not only a light and refreshing anytime snack but also a perennial party favorite. Traditionally, they grace tables around four in the afternoon, offering a delightful interlude to the day.

Complementing these delightful sandwiches are our exquisite Rose Lady Blossom Scones. Infused with the delicate allure of roses, and adorned with natural red hues, these scones present a captivating fusion of floral grace and delectable taste. Each scone is a miniature masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of a blooming garden.

Product Details:

  • One set of Rose Lady Blossom Scones
  • 9 pieces of fresh cucumber dill tea sandwiches and 9 rose petal jam sandwiches, adding up to a total of 18 pieces.
  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal accompaniment to your choice of tea, creating a refined, flavorful experience.

To add a touch of personalized warmth, these scones can also be sent as a Birthday Cake. Simply provide your lovely message below and make someone’s day extraordinary.

Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.