Twelve Tea Sconelets


Hosting a scones party?

So many.. flavours and can’t decide?

These twelve lovely sconelets will be a perfect start.

These are dainty, low sugar, egg-free & vegetarian friendly for everyone!

Your events will be partying for scones!


Twelve Tea Sconelets

6 flavours include:

x2 Classic Scones

x2 Cranberries Scones

x2 Jasmine Tea Scones

x2 Rosemary Cheese Scones

x2 Double Chocolate Scones

x2 Orange Marmalade Scones

include jams & cream:

x2  Rodda’s Clotted Cream, 28g each

x2  Strawberry/Orange jams, 30g each bottle

x2 Tea sachets

For corporate & larger events, you may send to
for customisation arrangement.