Yuzu Blossom Scones & Tea Sandwiches Set


Complementing this delightful assortment are our Yuzu Blossom Scones, expertly baked to perfection. Each scone is a masterpiece, adorned with the bright, citrusy notes of yuzu, reminiscent of a blooming Japanese garden. Pull them apart to experience the soft, fluffy interior, harmoniously balanced with the citrusy zing.

Tea Sandwiches, those charming, mini bites, are the epitome of sophistication and a perennial party favorite. Traditionally served around four in the afternoon, these delicate creations are the perfect embodiment of a light and refreshing snack. The quintessential English Tea Sandwich is a delicate balance of cucumber, light butter, fresh herbs, and exquisite jams, capturing the essence of time-honored traditions.

Product Details:

  • One set of Yuzu Blossom Scones (6-inch Blossom Scones, comprising 5 sconelets expertly joined together for a unique presentation)
  • 9 pieces of fresh cucumber dill tea sandwiches and 9 rose petal jam sandwiches, adding up to a total of 18 pieces.
  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal accompaniment to your choice of tea, creating a refined, flavorful experience.

To add a touch of personalized warmth, these scones can also be sent as a Birthday Cake. Simply provide your lovely message below and make someone’s day extraordinary.

Note: It’s a free mini card, not writings on scones wreaths.